The 2023 National Children’s Science Congress: A Glimpse into a Scientific Revolution

The 2023 National Children’s Science Congress was a remarkable event held at Mukalmua in the Nalbari district, a testament to the power of young minds and their ability to tackle environmental challenges through technology. This conference, hosted at Barkhetri College, brought together bright young students from various corners of Nalbari district, with nearly 200 projects on display, showcasing their innovative ideas and solutions. The event was graced by 31 distinguished individuals, including school principals, who hoisted the 31 flags symbolizing the spirit of innovation and scientific inquiry.

[This Report is prepared By Amzad Hussain]

A Platform for Young Innovators

The primary purpose of the Children’s Science Congress is to provide a platform for young innovators to address environmental issues within their local communities using technology as a catalyst. The event encourages students to think critically, solve real-world problems, and foster a sense of responsibility towards their environment.

Fostering Environmental Responsibility

With the ever-growing concerns surrounding environmental degradation and climate change, the Children’s Science Congress serves as a beacon of hope. It empowers students to take matters into their own hands and find innovative solutions to mitigate the adverse effects of environmental issues that plague our planet.

The 2023 conference in Mukalmua was a manifestation of this noble mission, as students from various parts of Nalbari district showcased their projects aimed at addressing local environmental challenges. These projects covered a wide range of topics, from waste management and pollution control to sustainable energy solutions and biodiversity conservation.

Distinguished Inauguration

The National Children’s Science Congress-2023 commenced with an auspicious inauguration. Nalbari District Commissioner, Barnali Deka, along with the chief guest, Guwahati Development Authority Chairman Narayan Deka, and several other dignitaries, inaugurated the event. This impressive gathering demonstrated the commitment of the local administration to support and encourage young talents in the field of science and technology.

National Children's Science Congress-2023

A Promising Beginning

The inauguration was a culmination of a tree planting ceremony and a swearing-in event, symbolizing the promise to work towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future. It set the tone for a conference that would not only present innovative projects but also inspire a sense of duty towards the environment.

The Closing Ceremony: A Vision for the Future

The closing ceremony of the 2023 National Children’s Science Congress was graced by the Barkhetri MLA, Diganta Barman, who delivered an inspiring speech. He emphasized the critical role of science in addressing the pressing issues faced by the world today and encouraged the students to continue their pursuit of knowledge.

Nurturing the Scientists of Tomorrow

In his speech, MLA Diganta Barman stressed the importance of nurturing young minds as they are the future scientists and innovators who will lead the charge in resolving environmental crises. He acknowledged the significant role played by the Children’s Science Conference in honing their skills and instilling a love for science in the hearts of these young talents.

A Diverse Audience

The Children’s Science Festival, a part of the conference, witnessed the active participation of students from different parts of Nalbari district. The variety of projects and the enthusiastic engagement of students highlighted the diverse talents and the spirit of scientific inquiry that exists within the region.

Fostering a Love for Science

The festival was more than just a showcase of scientific projects; it was an opportunity for students to interact, share knowledge, and kindle a passion for science. This event has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in inspiring young minds to explore the wonders of science and technology.


The 2023 National Children’s Science Congress held at Mukalmua, Nalbari district, was a resounding success. It not only showcased the ingenuity of young minds but also served as a platform for them to present their innovative solutions to pressing environmental issues. With inspiring speeches, distinguished guests, and the promise of a brighter, more environmentally-conscious future, this conference was an event to remember.

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